Gabriela Atanasiu Gabriela Atanasiu - Urban blouse with embroidered flowers

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Viscose blouse, refined and precious, suitable to Ileana Cosânzeana of our times. The sleeves embroidered with flowers give it a romantic, nostalgic allure, and the modern line makes it suitable for urban agglomeration. Extremely delicate, it is the perfect choice for those of us who love the stories, traditions and craftsmanship of artisans.
Dimensions: length front side 58 cm, length back side64 cm, sleeve length 70 cm, sleeve width 18 cm, cuff width 10 cm, base width 66 cm, bust width 62 cm.
This is the only available size, we cannot fulfill orders for other measures.
The clutch from the photo is not included.
Unavailable at the moment
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Gabriela Atanasiu is a talented fashion designer who transposes in her creations the love for traditional, vintage and handmade elements. This results are unique creations, with personality, full of passion and stories. Gabriela's outfits are extremely versatile and can be worn any time of the day, because they fit perfectly into any type of clothing approach.
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