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We are Alexandra and Răzvan, passionate travelers in Romania. We met traveling around the country, exchanging ideas, images and experiences related to these lands that we came to love.
Even if we come from different fields such as training and activity (journalism and marketing), the passion for traveling in our own country has finally brought us together.
In recent years, through Romanian Romance, we have created our own collection of Romanian places dear to us, with images, movies, descriptions of experiences lived in each destination, useful, we believe, to all those who want to discover more deeply than before the country where they live.
The Romanian Romance project is in fact a confession of what our souls enjoyed the most in this wonderful country, of the places that offer such a vivid and authentic image of Romania. We choose to promote only the locations that meet our expectations, we live all the experiences we talk about later, the images, movies and impressions belong to us. Moreover, for Romanian Romance we have our own criteria in selecting destinations and experiences: quality of services, the story behind the seats, the attitude towards guests, the imprint of staff and hosts, good taste, involvement in the community. Through our passion, we promote Romanian tourism differently, the one we all need today and which must grow in Romania as well: Premium Traditional Tourism.

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