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Livia Coloji is an illustrator and 1/3 of Balamuc. As well as working on freelance projects, Livia also applies her illustration to an ever-expanding collection of illustrated items for you and your home. She is from Oravita but lives and has fun in Timisoara. Livia loves animals, plants, nature in general, vintage kitsch, history and also loves life in most of the days.
Gruni is more than a brand of the illustrator Livia Coloji, it is the realization of her dream of always finding a balance between a pottery crafting and an artist's workshop. Gruni is the combination of these two spaces in a studio-shop in Timișoara that produces according to its own design jewelry, dishes and contemporary decorative objects.
And because the planet is more important than any brand, Gruni does a few things for sustainable development, with as little impact on the environment as possible: bicycle deliveries, repair and recycling services for its own products, burning only in electric ovens and others.

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