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Laura’s desire was to bring back in adults’ chaotic life the art of stitching as an easy method to relax. Kids can also improve many important skills by learning how to stitch and by creating something with their own hands. Laura Leonte’s idea won the grant provided by Petrom through the project Țara lui Andrei in 2015 and this is how Cosânzeana was born. In Romanian folklore Cosânzeana is a beautiful fairy or a princess that is kidnapped by an evil dragon named Zmeu; she is locked in a high tower and ultimately saved by a brave Prince Charming, called Făt-Frumos.
In Cosânzeana social workshop from Aninoasa village in Dâmbovița county locals work every single day since 2016; young and old, they all create fairytale figures and playful shapes from beech plywood, bringing them to life by manually stitching them with colorful yarn. 
Although brooches and necklaces are available already stitched and ready to wear, we encourage you to try the creative sets from Cosânzeana. This way you can experiment with different types of stitches, patterns and color combinations. Each set contains instructions and advice on how to stitch; and if you’re still unsure, Laura uploads step-by-step video tutorials on Cosânzeana’s Youtube channel.

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