Plate Ø 30 cm pattern 2

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The majestic Peacock stays for beauty and greatness, but people also believe its feathers can banish away evil spirits and bring the protective life-giving light from the Sun. Once upon a time, girls used to decorate their hair and clothes with Peacock feathers to become more beautiful in the eyes of their chosen one. Young men put Peacock feathers on their hats as they said outloud or only to themselves: a feather from the tail with a thousand eyes to protect me from the one evil eye. The motif appears mostly on Horezu plates and it’s created by carefully pushing wet paint from the edges to the center of the vase using a traditional tool with a thin metal tip. Finally, dark dots - eyes - are painted all around to resemble more with the Peacock’s tail pattern.
Average measurements: height 6 cm; weight 1 kilogram.
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The craftsmen families from Horezu, a small city in the south-western part of Romania, create traditional pottery by respecting ancient techniques and unique family secrets in the process of modelling, painting, glazing and burning the vases. Horezu pottery is the most representative Romanian pottery, its charm and beauty being appreciated worldwide. Moreover, in 2012 Horezu pottery was included in the cultural patrimony of UNESCO.
The plate is entirely hand made, so the product can differ slightly from the image shown. Each plate is signed by the artist; there are also two small holes on the back of the plate, so you can hang it on the wall. You can use the plate for serving warm or cold food. Our recommendation is to keep it away from the microwave and dishwasher in order to protect the glazing and the painting. In time, prolonged contact with hot liquids can degrade the glazing and may cause microfissures that will eventually alter the vases’ quality.
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