Handpainted Real Ostrich Egg pattern 2

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Real ostrich eggshell hand painted with colored wax. Each egg comes in a thick cardboard box filled with hay for extra protection. However, the painted egg is very fragile, so please handle it with extra care! The egg support presented in the photo is included.
Average measurements: height 18 cm; diameter 12 cm.
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The art of hand painting eggs is practiced all over Romania, with the technique varying a little depending on each area of the country. The most famous eggs come from Bucovina, in the northern part of Romania, where duck eggs as well as goose and ostrich eggs are ornated with unique combinations of motifs and symbols. The process starts with emptying the egg from its contents with a syringe, so all eggshells will have a small drainage hole at either one or both ends; this small hole is essential for the procedure so it is not to be seen as a defect. Each artist has developed an unique style, but usually eggs can be decorated in two different ways. The first method consists in painting the clean eggshell with colored wax, so the result will be a complex embossed motif. The second method consists in applying consecutive layers of colored paint and beeswax on the eggshell; when the artist is satisfied with the pattern, the eggshell is cleaned to remove the extra layers of clear wax. The result is a smooth and very intricate pattern. We recommend you to keep it away from children’s reach as it is fragile. For decoration purposes only.

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