Radu Dincă Handpainted miniature - Tree of Life

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In Romanian popular belief, the motif known as the Tree of Life has ancient origins with deep roots. The Tree of Life participates in village festivals, playing an important role in people’s lives in important moments. It has various powers: symbol of happiness, friend and defender of the house, of people, animals, harvest. Its power increases with the spring coming. Like a human life, it has four seasons: spring - childhood, summer - youth, autumn - maturity and winter - old age.
Measurements - miniature 6x6 cm; envelope 21x12 cm; total weight 30 grams.
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Radu Dincă was always fascinated with iconography and painting on glass, especially by using the old peasant glass-painting technique that came along in the nineteenth century in Transylvania. This special and old technique inspired Radu in creating icons and miniatures depicting religious motifs or ancestral Romanian symbols.
The miniature booklets are crafted in two different ways: by the icons technique or by the stained glass technique. For the icons technique, the artist paints on glass using a tempera mixture of egg yolk and oil; this combination lasts for hundreds of years. Then he makes the background with gold, silver and copper leafs and finally he frames the glass with pieces of twine. For the stained glass technique, Radu paints the chosen symbol with thin strokes of bright colors on a piece of transparent glass. Afterwards, the painted glass is joined with another clean piece of glass. They are held together with a copper frame modelled by hand. Therefore, light easily goes through the whole ensemble for a mesmerizing visual effect.
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