Maria şi Iulian Mihalachi Handwoven Tapestry Outlined Squares

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In households from Moldova, a region in north-eastern Romania, tapestries are hanged on the walls inside the house for decorative purposes. Maria Mihalachi weaves them out of cotton warp and wool weft using the horizontal loom. The finishing process of these ornamental pieces is painstaking and implies manual crocheting and weaving. Our recommendation is to wash it by hand using lukewarm water with some (preferably liquid) detergent for delicates. Dry it away from harsh sunlight and other artificial heaters.
Average measurements - tapestry length 65-69 cm; tapestry width 26-29 cm; tassels length 15 cm; total weight 300 grams.
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Maria and Iulian Mihalachi are living in Băltățești, a village from Neamț county in the north-eastern part of Romania. The two spouses are artisans whose work is recognized and appreciated all over the country. The home-made decorative fabrics and traditional masks made by the couple are the most admired objects. Maria Mihalachi, ex engineer and teacher, has taught herself to use the horizontal loom inherited from her grandmother. Maria studied about weaving techniques and ancient Romanian symbols in museums and also directly, by observing women workers who already knew the craft. In time, with her husband’s help and support, the artist built a workshop where she currently creates carpets, tapestries and pouches. On the horizontal loom Maria uses cotton warp and wool weft in creating the fabrics; the wool can be either natural or dyed with natural pigments (obtained by boiling in water different types of leaves, roots or flowers, tree barks or even minerals). The motifs incorporated by Maria in her art are inspired from Neamț, an area in north-eastern Romania; some motifs are reproduced, others are stylized and all of them bear their maker’s personal touch.
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