Handwoven Rug 10x10 cm - Orange Wheat

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Oltenia is a region in the south-western part of Romania well-known for the carpets and tapestries weaved there using the vertical loom. All fabrics have old symbols deeply rooted in the Romanian spirituality. The most popular motifs depict men or women dressed in the national costume or dancing hora (the Romanian round dance), flowers with leaves or fir trees and animals, such as birds, roosters, horses, stags and deers.
Average measurements: rug length 11-12 cm; rug width 10-11 cm; tassels length 5-8 cm; weight 20 grams.
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The process of creating fabric with the vertical loom starts by making the warp from long cotton yarns. Afterwards, wool yarn is weaved through the warp to create the carpet; finally, the fabric is made more compact and stronger by pounding. All raw materials used are natural and usually home-made by locals in their own yards. The wool is dyed with natural pigments extracted from plants (stems of pepper for green, walnut leaves for brown, onion leaves for beige), as well as with industrial paints (usually for shades of red and black). Our recommendation is to wash it by hand using lukewarm water with some (preferably liquid) detergent for delicates. Dry it away from harsh sunlight and other artificial heaters.
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