Laura Lazin REMINISCENT of... the most wonderful time - GINGER BREAD

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REMINISCENT of ... candles transpose you almost instantly into secret gardens, on sunny beaches or in unforgettable magical moments. In addition, the minimalist packaging makes them easy to place in any type of interior, soy wax burns clean and does not load the air in the room with toxic substances, as paraffin does. Soy wax is vegan, untreated wood wick crackles when lit just like wood in a fireplace and most importantly, complex phthalate-free fragrances recreate the atmosphere of special moments.

Do not move the burning candle. The tin can get hot while the candle is burning and can cause burning injuries. Do no let the candle burn for more than 4 hours. After 4 hours the wax gets too hot and the candle will consume much faster. Also, the scent throw will be too strong.

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Laura Lazin, the creator of these magical products, worked for twelve years in advertising as a designer, and recently felt it was time to make a change. Beyond the enticing aromas, the products that come out of her hand are also sustainable. REMINISCENT of ... candles are made entirely of recyclable or reusable materials and plastic free. The fact that the container is a metal one allowed her to completely give up the plastic foils, because the risk of damage is minimal. Soy wax is a natural, vegetable resource, unlike paraffin produced from oil. Wood is also an organic material, which burns almost without residue for about 40 hours in total, so you will not need a new candle very often. The perfumes she uses are phthalate-free. Transport labels and packaging are made of paper and cardboard.
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