Ionela Mihuleac Coloured Bell - Green Sprig with Dots

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This clay hand made bell is painted by the artist with vivid tones.
Due to its hand made nature, each bell is unique and there are not two identical ones. The reality may differ slightly from the image shown. Our recommendation is to use this bell for decorative purposes only. You can clean it with a dry cotton cloth. Keep it away from moisture and from contact with water.
Average measurements: height 10 cm; diameter 8 cm; weight 200 grams.
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Between 5200 B.C. and 3200 B.C. in northern Romania and spreading through Republic of Moldova and Ukraine as well has lived and created one of Europe’s oldest civilisations: Cucuteni culture. The first artefacts were discovered in 1884 in the village now bearing the same name, Cucuteni, located in the north-eastern part of Romania in Iași county.
Eight decades later Ionela Mihuleac was born there; now she is a well-known artist fascinated with Cucuteni artefacts who has studied neolithic art for the past fifteen years. Ionela (re)creates pottery using the same ancient techniques of modelling, painting and burning the clay. All objects are made from red clay and shaped entirely by hand, as the pottery wheel was not invented in the Cucuteni era. Also, the vases are painted with sacred motifs denoting the rich and diverse spiritual life of this culture. Some important motifs and symbols in the Cucuteni culture are the spirals, wolves and birds; also the man in space, the round-dance of women, the voluptuous feminine goddess of fertility and the crowned ox symbolising masculine fertility are portrayed frequently as well.
Our recommendation is to clean Cucuteni pottery with a dry cotton cloth as the objects are not glazed; water and humidity could harm them, decreasing their quality.
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